Provocative Photo Series On Pollution Puts The Message Across Like Nobody's Business

Provocative Photo Series On Pollution Puts The Message Across Like Nobody's Business

Markus Aspegren's recent project titled, 'Plastic Water' will make you think twice. This post might evoke mixed reactions.

Photographer Markus Aspegren narrates a story of nature and people through his new photographic series Plastic Waters. He includes intricate makeup paired with the right amount of accessories that hits the right spot. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, the subject of this series is mesmerizing and haunting at the same time. According to Aspegren, he has put a lot of effort and money into this and is ecstatic with the outcome. The images aim at stirring up those unconscious emotions which have been lying dormant within us. It's a fight against the pollution caused by plastic to water bodies.

1. Plastic waters


He used real fish for this shoot and the models ignored the stink and continued with the shoot.

2. Save the sea


It's the fight for clean water.

3. The guardian angel


He does remind us of aqua man.

4. Let them live


They all have a right to.

5. They deserve to live


Who are we to snatch that right from them?

6. What a horrible fate!


This is really depressing.

7. A dark threat


How scary is this?

8. What if they rise against us?


I'm sure you won't feel good about that.

9. Anger is a strong emotion


He portrays some strong emotions of these creatures through people.

10. It's everywhere!


We are suffocating them to death.

11. Water has a very significant meaning in his life


Would you like it if someone polluted your house?

12. Your dreams will be haunted


It's time to make a move.

Here are a few of his other works.

13. The Ice Queen


Everyone has a story to tell.

14. Don't even think about flinching


As they say, you snooze you lose!

15. The definition of art


This is pure magic!

16. The embodiment of an energy


Perfection is an understatement.

17. She strides in pride


How strong is this photograph?

18. Phasing


Keep your feet on the ground.

19. The Chameleon


They are the most dangerous kind.

20. For the love of dance


This is so deep!

21. Wrapped in happiness


Something's different about her.

22. The Fallen


It's just the beginning.

23. Let your mind take control


How deep is this?

24. Do you like candy?


You'd love her!

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