Markus Magnusson Produces Funny and Interesting Animations

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Markus Magnusson Produces Funny and Interesting Animations

Motion Design of Animations

To cheer up and forget for a moment the sadness during quarantine and work from home (Lockdown), so that we remain enthusiastic, optimistic and always have positive thoughts, we will present a series of super cute animations in cartoon style created by famous illustrator and motion designer Markus Magnusson. Here you will find a variety of motion graphics, from animated icons to animated characters and moving mini-stories.

just enjoy, get inspired and have fun!

We are sure you also get a little fun and positive vibes that are unavoidable with Mark's animation.

Check them out the amazing artworks below!

More info and sources : Check Markus’s portfolio on Dribbble I icons8

Mini Stories in Motion

Walkers and Runners Animation

Space Animation

Sports Animation

Icons Animation

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