Marshmallow Cats Dissolve Inside Your Coffee Cup

What do you think if you are about to enjoy your cup of hot chocolate and out of the blue, a floating marshmallow cat pops up from your hot chocolate? This has been in the creativity list of Yawahada, a Japan-based marshmallow shop as the creator of CafeCat in Nagano. The shop has cleverly invented an adorable package of floating marshmallow cats!


Looking at those marshmallows, they are not only cute, but also supposedly delicious. The dissolving marshmallow cats can be put in coffee, hot chocolate, milk tea or hot soy milk. Does that make your mouth watery?


So, if you plan to visit Japan sometime soon, don’t forget to give it a try while you’re there. You can get four cat paw prints, two in vanilla flavor and two in chocolate flavor, plus a bonus of two cats. you get them only for 860 yen (that’s about $8 US dollars).


But if you don’t have time to visit the shop, maybe their website can be of much help. The company states on their website that they’re working on a system right now. Just keep in mind that you should place your order three weeks in advance at least. And since the demand is overwhelming,  international orders are currently not being taken. May be you should really fly all the way to Japan now.


Source: My Modern Met, Yawahada, Website, facebook