Martcella Liunic’s Naive and Sweet Colors Illustrations

Because thoughts or feelings should be poured into something. It’s rich to chat with yourself. Because, sometimes life moves so fast and you wanna tell stories but nobody’s there to listen to you all the time, therefore you draw. ” said Martcellia Liunic.
She was graduated from college majoring in graphic design multimedia at Lasalle Collage International Jakarta, had worked in several advertising agencies as graphic designer and art director. On the sidelines of his business, Cela passion of illustration never goes out. Together with his younger brother, Owi Liunic, they are cool to do admirable handcrafted lovingly handmade under the banner of Liunic on Things.

Since last year 2016, Cela has stopped working and focused on living his passion.In the early days of drawing, she really like drawing with black and white colors. “Because black and white is simple but never wrong. I keep bored myself if only explore in black and white image, and indeed, in terms of dressing and my thinking also began to color, it’s totally influenced to my art works image, during the times, I am making colors illustration. But sometimes I got to make something black and white, occasionally”.
Performance is truly value in her business, “Well I tried .. But in fact it’s was hard to be strive and persistence like has a visual diary.I need more commitment and become habit. I also study to be more consistent” said Liunic.
What is the greatest thing in your life? “If you see from his works, rich lo like animals, especially foxes and cats. Are there any animals I really most like”This is so struggle I really do. If I’m so happy again so it’s a bit hard to have a thought just follow my feelings for example happy and usually make a product work, yes already finished product.
Source: Qubicle, Instagram

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