Masayoshi Matsumoto Created 52 of The Amazing Balloon Animals

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Masayoshi Matsumoto Created 52 of The Amazing Balloon Animals

When you see these cute balloon shapes you will be surprised because almost all animals, insects and plants can be formed using ordinary balloons.This artworks is created by artist of Japanese, Masayoshi Matsumoto. In his Instagram account, he revealed who did not use hazardous materials when making balloon dolls.

The shape is very similar to its real form. Masayoshi Matsumoto's cold hands will really make you stare, from the simplest form to the complicated.

Masayoshi is not only good at forming balloons resembling animals, even plants with flowers and fruits that really fit like the original.

He works with his balloon doll have spread in various online media and received many positive reactions. Even in his own country, Masayoshi Matsumoto's work was warmly received. He started making balloon dolls around 2010 or around 10 years ago. He claimed to be inspired by pictures of wild life and wanted to prove it if he made it with his own version.

What surprised many was his colorful and colorful collection of balloons, Masayoshi did not use materials such as color markers, stickers or other materials. He makes his balloon dolls only with the balloons he blows, change and shape as he wants.

It seems like nobody can deny Matsumoto's greatness in making balloon dolls. The forms of imagination such as the Phoenix Bird in the Harry Potter films also successfully manifested by Masayoshi Matsumoto with very neat and charming. Balloon dolls like this can certainly be a very special gift right?

It turned out that the version who made was very interesting. Even Masayoshi is one of the best balloon artists in the country of Sakura. Matsumoto's imagination and creativity cannot be doubted. For just one balloon doll, He takes approximately two to six hours to complete.

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1. Bull

For example like a balloon doll with this bull shape. The balloons used come from several different colors, but the composition feels very fitting. Even the size of the tail, legs, head to horns also match the portions.

The sizes are not too large or small. Even accessories like nose clips are made by Masayoshi Matsumoto in great detail.

2. Deer

Another example is a deer-shaped balloon doll. This doll is obviously very different from cloth dolls or even barbie dolls. This deer-shaped doll has three different gradations from black on the horns, cream color in the mouth and lower abdomen and body parts are dominated by brown.

3. House Fly

As proclaimed from metro, to complete each balloon to become a new form, Japanese artists who learn by self-taught it takes a minimum of two hours, even up to 6 hours if the shape of the balloon made more complicated. Matsumoto explained, “I started making these seven years ago, I was really inspired by wildlife pictures and wanted to see if I could create realistic animals of my own,” Matsumoto told Metro .

4. Phoenix

5. Chameleon

6. Jumping Spider

7. Snake

8. Caterpillar

9. Beetle Larva

10. Siamang

11. Spider

12. Frog

13. Snow Monkey

14. Ostrich

15. Octopus

16. Cicada

17. Skunk

18. Bush Cricket

19. Centipede

20. Cockatiel

21. Jellyfish

22. Pellucid Hawk Moth

23. Bee

24. Bat

25. Snail

26. Kingfisher

27. Beaver


29. Parrot

30. Proboscis Monkey

31. Rooster

32. Crab

33. Rockhopper Penguin

34. Camel Cricket

35. Honeypot Ant

36. Capybara

37. Turkey

38. Scorpionfish

39. Ant

40. Rabbit

41. Giant Isopod

42. Flea

43. Japanese Spider Crab

44. Chameleon

45. Luna Moth

46. Spider (Nephila Clavata)

47. Nautilus

48. Squid

49. Lizard

50. Shield Bug

51. Cat

52. Frilled Lizard

Other Artworks Video.

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