Master Expertise of Explorer make Hundred Models of Knives and Blades

Teddy Sutadi Kardin founder of the company by the name of T. Kardin Indonesian Knives is a Bachelor of Engineering Geology Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).
Primary school education up to Bachelor traversed in the city which is also the hometown. For those who pursue a field of exploration, knife become an important requirement for the exploration of nature.

With his experience as a nature lover, namely the Association of jungle explorers and mountaineers Wanadri is very popular in Indonesia, even to foreign nationals.

Love of nature has been seen as a child, was born in North Bandung hilly and mountain become playgrounds at the same event forge themselves. Wandering in the woods, hunting or camping is an activity that is often done.(
Background of love towards the knife Teddy Kardin try pioneered the establishment of handmade knife workshop in Bandung. In the early 1990s trying to seriously pursue the manufacture of knives. With hard work and experimentation that endlessly strives to make knives with high quality.

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