This Twitter Post Is Getting SLAMMED For Hardcore Sexism, And Everyone Can See Why!

This Twitter Post Is Getting SLAMMED For Hardcore Sexism, And Everyone Can See Why!

Netizens are up in arms on Twitter about a recent post that clearly looks like a product of dirty sexism. The post also had many questioning the intent behind the idea.

There's a post that's garnering attention on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. And, it's a picture of two toddlers. People are raging after the image was posted. What ticked them off was the outfits worn by them. Both the kids can be seen wearing scrubs, while the one worn by the little girl says "Nurse in Training" on it's back, the other one has "Doctor in Training" written on it and it's worn by a boy. 


This image was posted by a Twitter account, Medical Shots, with boosts of over 200k followers with whom they share health-related content. The post surfaced on 10 March and has accumulated over 20,584 likes, 4.8k retweets, and over 18k comments. After going through the responses one can easily make out that it hit a controversial note instead of tickling the funny bone.


Various female doctors along with male nurses pointed out the fact that their profession didn't require any gender specification. Several other health professionals backed these comments as well. Someone went to such lengths as to uploading an edited picture of the two kids with "health professionals" written behind their back, which is the accurate description.


Just like women have been facing a lot of hiccups while entering a male-dominant society, in the same way, it's not easy for men to show substantial growth in a predominantly female occupation.  According to statistics, 13% of nurses are men which is actually a much better rate than the initial 2% in 1960. What's disappointing is the fact that these male nurses make more money than the opposite sex. 


People started pouring the comment section with criticism of the stereotypical mentality of these people. However, there were some who considered this to be a light-hearted joke which was being twisted into something else altogether. Out of various tweeted reactions, here are a few of them.

@21_03_90 writes, "No it's not. Why isn't she a Dr as well? Or why is the boy not a nurse?


@jilltataraworld's comment was a pure burn.


A comment posted by @cieraaap said: 'My brother is also a nurse and a fantastic one at that."


@AstridLevinson didn't find this post cute at all.


Another Twitterati @Nivlek1's response presented the gravity of their post in the most hilarious manner.


They claimed the picture to be an example of sexism.


@iplinks asked, " All the replies calling this sexist and gender stereotyping are making their assumption based on what- the hair styles?"


@JuliettaLaBlanc's decided to take a feminist approach to inspire women.


But her post sparked more fire instead of diminishing it.


And it went on...


While @BMatt55 had a genuine answer for all of it.


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