Meet My “Mouserflies”, Wish They were Real

Hi. My name is Lisa Ericson. I am an Artist living and working in Portland, OR. I paint with acrylics on wood panels, and use the tiniest brushes I can find. Since I am interested in the idea of hybrid species, and because I love imagining a very common animal but seems to be a hybrid with another animal also known to us.


The animal that I have in mind is completely unknown but it roams all around us, fluttering around in the dark and unseen by human eyes.


Maybe just maybe, they have long been forgotten in the woods, and perhaps they are gathering around tiny scraps or staying for a moment only to enjoy resting on an old can.


These creatures as I always imagine I call them “mouserfly”. Actually, I just wanted to paint them only once. But, somehow, as I completed painting and had a good look at them, I seemed to be charmed and started to create more of them. Years past by but I still love the idea of making more of them