Meg's Relatable Comics Are Turning Heads For Being Just Too Real

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Meg's Relatable Comics Are Turning Heads For Being Just Too Real

Meg is the creative mind behind Art By Moga comics through which she talks about self-love and acceptance along with relatable illustrations that have a humorous undertone.

 Art By Moga comics is a creation of Meg who employees comical undertones in her work. Most of her comics are relatable and are inspired by her own life. Apart from all the funny things that she expresses through them she also brings up serious topics like self-acceptance and self-love every now and then. Encouraging others to be true to themselves is what makes her work so special. She employs a colorful theme in the majority part of her illustrations and skillfully uses Photoshop to draw them digitally. You can also check out her Instagram account for more such posts.

1. A reason to shop guiltfree!


This counts as a free pass, right?

2. How do we do this every time?


This is a mystery!

3. That's me


Time seems to fly away!

4. The perfect couple!


That's what we're looking for!

5. Always the animal lover!


Who's dramatic now?

6. Rings a bell?


This is us!

7. Glam up!


When your song is on you share your vibe with others!

8. Damn!


Hate when this happens!

9. Relatable?


When the weather matches your mood!

10. He's always got your back!


How can you not love this guy?

11. Are you camera shy?


We know Meg is!

12. Which kind are you?


Shopping can be tough!

13. Follow me


The guide to laziness.

14. Indeed!


Love yourself the way you are.

15. Attractive huh?


You are beautiful either way!

16. All I need is love!


That must have broken her heart!

17. Give it a whirl!


The future is unknown it's best to focus on the present.

18. Always the rebel!


No one wants your advice!

19. This will add flavor


We keep telling ourselves.

20. Which one is it for you?


We bet it's the washroom!

21. Too late!


That's our first move, love.

22. Keeping up with the Gen Z kids


It's tough!

23. I'm addicted to you


This can't be good.

24. The magic number 69


Can we be adults about this?

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