Mesmerizing Folding Paper Art

HuskMitNavn, a Copenhagen-based illustrator is capable of making a leaf of paper to present mesmerizing scenes through his brilliant strategy positioning paper edges in order to produce fantastic optical illusions.

HuskMitNavn2 (1)

By just folding, wrinkling or curling a piece of paper, HuskMitNavn can make his cartoon drawings sprung to life. Like what he did to his piece showing a soccer player gracefully curls into a swift bicycle kick, and a man rowing a boat bends forward extra far to put serious power behind his oars.

HuskMitNavn3 (1)

The bended paper is also a way to tell a more dynamic story. At times It acts as an obstacle, working as a tornado or giant whale, that the flattened characters must now overcome.

Check out more of HuskMitNavn fun illustrations on his Instagram.

Source: My Modern Met, HuskMitNavn, Instagram



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