Mesmerizing Japanese Tree Glass Sculptures

Even though Kayo Yokoyama has been living in Australia for quite a while, she can never get away from her beautiful home in Japan. Somehow she still is connected with her home when living surrounded with trees. That’s what brings her sculptures engraved beautifully with trees.


In Australia she lives in the Blue Mountain where she got much of her inspiration. To her, the journey and growth of her identity, trees are a state of the upmost of consciousness. She once told My Modern Met, “My engraving of trees on the glass objects’ surface recalls me to a place of strength inside me. They suggest the fundamental order of the world and my place in it – my homeland.


She always hopes that when people look at her work, she can share her real connection to her home with that of the homes of the viewers. That would make sense if she added chairs to one of her piece as a metaphor to denote the absence or the presence of a person. While in some other piece, she put streaks of color swirling around the bottom of the sculptures for some evocative scenes.


As a graduate of art school with Bachelor of Visual Arts in Sydney University in 2001 and then she got her Master of Fine Arts in 2011. In September, 2014 during a dual exhibition with Martin Campbell in Lost Bear Gallery, New South Wales, her sculptures were put in display.


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