Metal Wire into Bonsai Trees

Do you really love the beauty of bonsai trees, but worry about caring for one? No fear, this wire artist Matthew Gollop has you covered. If you really fancy bonsai, this metal wire bonsai tree can surely win your heart. This kind of metal wire tree which Gollop created in his company, Metal Bonsai (, is now for sale through his website. Prices can range from $55 up to $355. Interested anyone?

The beauty and strength of bonsai tree seems to have inspired Gollop’s trees. That’s why each of his sculpture is lovingly crafted for a unique result.

Since Gollop specializes in wire tree art, with a focus on bonsai trees, his bonsai take form by shaping multiple strands of metal wire, sometimes using almost 500 feet per tree. What makes hsi wire bonsai really interesting is that his metal bonsai tree is even placed inside a bonsai pot.

The wire sculptures are now available in a wide range of styles, both with subdued monochrome finishes or with bright pops of color. It’s even possible to select a bonsai tree based on species.