This 'Raw' Photography Series Will Change Your Mindset About Beauty!

This 'Raw' Photography Series Will Change Your Mindset About Beauty!

Mihaela Noroc's project 'The Atlas of Beauty' features diverse women from different walks of life. She captures the essence of uniqueness with every shot.

Mihaela Noroc decided to change the way our world perceives beauty through her photography project 'The Atlas of Beauty'. Although the pictures were released years ago, Noroc chose now as the perfect time to publish a book. Fortunately, it didn't fail to live up to the wave it had conjured years ago. Through her book, Michaela attempts to convince her audience that rather than triggering hate and conflict, diversity should be treasured.

1. Valencia, Spain


Women like Marta are celebrated here.

2. Bucharest, Romania


Simina's tales of exploration are worth reading about in her book Samara.

3. Northern Romania


Ema is a teen who plays her role in the local folklore music group.

4. Cluj, Romania


Gabriela is a lawyer with a Ph.D. in legal psychology.

5. Tehran, Iran


Setareh's passion for poetry stands unmatched.

6. Kyiv, Ukraine


Although Vika and Miroslava are heterosexual, they didn't hesitate to show their support for the LGBT community.

7. Pushkar, India


Sunita comes from an underprivileged society but the local NGOs did their best to provide them an education.

8. Omo Valley, Ethiopia


She comes from a tribe called Daasanach, which has been living in isolation for generations.

9. Chisinau, Moldova


Nadia talks about how rewarding every phase of one's life is.

10. Tokyo, Japan


Lacking confidence in herself, Emiko initially refused to be photographed. But her husband successfully convinced her that she's still beautiful.

11. Dhaka, Bangladesh


Leaving her tranquil village behind Ratna entered the humdrum of Dhaka. Today she is a strong and confident Policewoman.

12. Tehran, Iran


Farnoush is a professional economist but her passion lies in art.

13. Istanbul


Having completed her bachelors in engineering, Aslihan decided to focus on her true passion which was acting. 

14. Odessa, Ukraine


Anastasia started working since she was 11, but never let that affect her studies. She was discovered selling sunglasses in the market.

15. Dushanbe, Tajikistan


Farzona is unique in her own way.

16. Belgrade, Serbia


Angela radiates strength and confidence.

17. Lisbon, Portugal 


It was a visual treat for the photographer to capture diverse women in Lisbon, Daniela being one of them.

18. Kathmandu, Nepal


Sona was captured playing Holi and spreading joy.

19. Shiraz, Iran


They are everywhere.

20. Amman, Jordan


Dania is a self-defense trainer in the Middle East. 

21. Cuba


Elianis was found walking the warm streets of her city.

22. Izmir, Turkey


Noroc had the great opportunity to shoot Pinar, an actress, on the streets of Izmir.

23. Medellin, Colombia


Estefanía is one of the rare beauties you come across.

24. Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan


She works in the remote fields of Wakhan Corridor where beauty meets nature.

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