Mirror for Epic Shot

If you are a regular visitor of Bored Panda, you certainly will have no doubt how amazing this talented artist Erik Johansson with all his surrealist images. But just in case you are new and you haven’t yet been acquainted with this master of manipulation, just take a look below to see what makes this photographer and digital artist so special.

Please study how charming and mesmerizing Erik’s work are and enjoy his images which are of high taste. Among his valuable work, he got this newest creation. This latest mind-blowing shot is called Impact.
The amazing thing about this work is that it took him months to create and used over 17 square meters of real mirror. Therefore, such picture made use of both practical effects and photo-editing in order to produce the twisted effect that you can see in this final warped image merging the real with the surreal.

Actually, Erik had decided to film a behind-the-scenes video to provide an insight into his artistic experiences for this latest project. As he explains in his artist’s statement, “I thought it could be fun to share the process and to show how much work there is behind creating just one piece.”
See for yourself in pictures here. But you can also see more of Erik’s work here, here and here.
Source: Bored Panda, Erik Johansson, Facebook, Instagram, demilked, /”>petapixel