Artist Captures The Pain Of Sexual Trauma, And They Hit Exactly Where It Hurts!

Artist Captures The Pain Of Sexual Trauma, And They Hit Exactly Where It Hurts!

@missanthropeart chose art as a medium to get over her complex PTSD. Art also helps her keep the haunting memories of a sexual assault at bay.

With a handful of followers on Instagram, this budding artist shows a lot of potential. She uses her artistic skills to show a boundless world filled with mystery, misery, and desires. Using her bold ideas she keeps her complex PTSD problems at bay. Also, one can almost feel the pain of a sexual assault victim in most of her drawings. Most of @missanthropeart's art pieces are jam-packed with the feeling that anyone can relate to easily. And here are a few of her art pieces that will prove beyond a shred of doubt as to why we need to follow her now!

1. All you need is a friendly hand


It's not the easiest thing to find in this world.

2. The happy clam


She discreetly creates a vaginal art without even being offensive.

3. Remove the mask of hypocrisy


A world filled with painted faces.

4. It's time to pucker up!


More power to you!

5. Let's talk about positions


Are they really vegetables?

6. Respect to all the women out there!


That's all she demands!

7. Watch your step


You never know where you might end up!

8. Celebrate all of you


You don't have to hesitate.

9. Cosmic Vision


It's strange how addictive this is.

10. The cooling hues


Don't you feel like getting lost in the background?

11. Eyeroll moments


It has to be a very lame conversation to receive the rolls.

12. This is me


Now tell me who you really are.

13. The cycle of lust


It goes on and on and on.

14. What our insides look like


This is her interpretation.

15. All you have to do is pray


Pray for all of it.

16. Beauty and horror


This is our collective consciousness.

17. 24-carat misery


It's the king of all bad times.

18. What's behind those eyes?


Let's explore together.

19. A piece from her 'cosmic beauty' series


She took my breath away!

20. Why hate a part of you?


Love everything about yourself.

21. Ms. Phat Booty


That's the name she came up with for her piece.

22. The Demon in you


Don't let it overpower you!

23. Choose what you believe in


Don't let others do it for you.

24. Mania


All you need is patience.

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