Body Painting Blends Into Patriotic Landmarks

Trina Merry is a bodypaint artist who keeps continues to wow us with her amazing work , managing to perferctly camouflage her model. Just like in her series of Sweet Land of Liberty, she depicts her subjects right in front of the iconic landmarks. So it’s nothing surprising if then these historic architectural work can become the beckdrops for mind blowing art, from the White House to the Freedom Tower.


And it is Jessica Mellow who provides the human canvas for body painting in front of the White House. She pledges commitment, while asking fellow Americans to think about what they have to be grateful for.

Typically, Merry would ask her models to make some various poses to be able to take part in the final product. In some conditions, that pose can have a special significance. And it really worked when it comes to her piece in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

She once said, “In this case my hip and gorgeous African American model is reaching out a hand to help my Caucasian model up in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Obama’s birthday.  I’d say heavy significance.”