Modern Art Style in Cutting Edge Animation

Ariel Victor is one young, bright, cutting edge illustrator and visualizer, his art taste it’s show about life style and light narration. Ariel playing with bold and firm line, really appealing color and shapes. Mostly His colors scheme comes around pastel color, and closer to modern art style.

Animation and illustration is common project for Ariel, he’s winning Best Animation Character in Hello Festival, the biggest animation festival at Indonesia, his animation is talk about The Choosen Generation, strory about a young woman broadcasts an invitation to hop on a bus and skip town, to a number of youngsters who are hugely occupied by the love of technology and internet habits living in an abandoned city. With a little time before departure, only some make it to the bus. The others are not so fortunate.
Graduated from RMIT University in 2013, Ariel Victor has always held on to his love of 2D animation. His graduation film, Me & Them, was awarded Best Australian Student Film in the Melbourne International Animation Festival in 2014. In addition, the short film was officially selected in Milano International Film Festival 2014 and Animpact 2014, in Seoul, South Korea. Currently, he is working as a 2D illustrator and animator in his hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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