Modernized Classic Works of Art

For sure we understand that a great work of art is really timeless according to tell-tale sign. No wonder that many today’s artists are often seeking to refer to histories of artwork done by great world artists for their inspiration.

Age-old masterpieces are sometimes deliberately put a present day spin in order to pay homage straightforward particularly to those old masterpieces. Perhaps by adopting appropriated color or a subtly similar style is a way to respect those old piece. While for some, they would just take those old arts for granted, all because of their understated color palette.

However, with a touch of creativity, an old art piece of fine arts never gets too old. These curated collections and modernized classic arts can prove that those digitally manipulated photographs and hypnotic animations can show a lot of sculptural reinterpretations where the old-meets-new street art, some obsolete fine arts can look strikingly new.

Classical Couture

In Paint Me Over, photographer Marina Danilova captures a series of gorgeous gowns adorned with art inspired by age-old oil paintings. Designed by Svetlana Lyalina, each couture dress juxtaposes traditional textile patterns and detailing with figurative scenes worthy of a wall in a museum.

All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

Street Stone, a silly series by photographer Lo Caillard digitally dresses classical sculptures in modern ensembles. Caillard states that the purpose of the project is “to catch the eye of the beholder by the marriage of two worlds so different.”