Monochrome Faces for Domed Panthéon

JR is a world famous street artist from France. Recently he just revealed a new installation which is part of his continuing series of Inside Out, meaning inside Paris’ domed Panthéon. Actually the original title is Au Panthéon! where he features hundreds of black and white portraits that cover the floor and the ceiling (the cupola) of the interior and also the domed exterior of the building.


Inside Out is really an international participatory art project which will allow people from all over the world to get their photos taken and be a part of the artist’s work. As mentioned in JR’s website, “As of January 2014, over 195,000 people from more than 108 countries have participated.”


While for Au Panthéon!, JR has to collect as many pictures taken from a Photo Booth truck that came to nine national monuments throughout France. And then he would collage those pictures with those faces from photos that were uploaded to a project-specific website which were collected throughout March 2014.


This way it seems that JR finds the world as his exhibition space where he can create projects along streets, within neighborhoods, and throughout communities. To do so, he would have to expose people to astonishing art and the he would ask anyone passing by to ask questions all about why and how to interpret his creations themselves.


JR’s website
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