Most Creative Ads on Buildings

This article is about to share with you what we know about World’s Strangest Buildings. You’ve probably seen and be familiar with some of them. But as today’s lives are inseparable with creativity and people’s new ideas especially in advertising industries, now it’s time to see how buildings can be creatively used in advertising.

Actually, putting some creativity in your message could mean that such message could have a tremendous success. That’s true because simply a plain logo or sign can actually have quite a strong impact when placed on a building.

For example, a name of an IT company that is renting some office space in a building put a huge ads on it that says, “Affection”. From the ordinary sight of common people, this sign can clearly show that it may seem that the whole building belongs to the IT company.

So, it’s very true that the cleverness and shrewd creativity can have strong impact on how people think about some thing. That creativity will work best on creating piece of ads for public buildings. Let’s take a look at 20 most creative examples of ads placed on buildings and afterwards try find out which one you like best.