Motorcycle Made of Watch by Dan Tanenbaum

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Motorcycle Made of Watch by Dan Tanenbaum

Dan Tanenbaum is Toronto-based sculptor whose art is about technology. He has created miniature of motorcycle out of parts of vintage watches. So far, he has been sculpting since 2010 but since then his pieces have been decorating the Ultimate Motorcycling magazine and Motorcycle Mojo magazine.

Actually, Dan Tanenbaum is a father and a husband who also works as a technology entrepreneur, philanthropist, collector and an artist. That’s why his sculptures are not far from his hobbies and occupation. While collecting old watches his ideas came up to create his amazing art sculptures. There he began to craft more and more miniature motorcycles out of parts of vintage watches.

As he said in his artist statement, “I make miniature motorcycles made exclusively from vintage watch parts . I also like to share little bits that I find funny like a good status or tweet (or even a classic one-liner). I have been inspired by many different steam punk artists.”

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