Photographer's Recent Project Will Inspire You To Drop Everything And Love Harder!

Photographer's Recent Project Will Inspire You To Drop Everything And Love Harder!

Russian lensman Murad Osmann clearly knows the tricks of the trade. And, boy, he's winning the internet with his picturesque getaways!

Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer who's clearly got a flair for the lens. But his popularity has nothing to do with his professional or commercial work. In fact, it was a personal series of travel journal-like photographs with his girlfriend (now wife) Nataly, that did the trick. Every picture featured his beautiful girlfriend who urged her Instagram viewers to follow them to the places they visited. Since the inception of their project, #FollowMeTo, their relationship blossomed into a beautiful marriage and we have tried our best to capture that magic.

1. Zhouzhuang, China


The beauty of his place cannot be explained in words.

2. Qazaqstan Kaindy Lake, Kazakhstan


The warmth of those blue tones is so comforting.

3. Paris, France


Never a disappointment.

4. Moscow, Russia


Would you look at that beautiful cathedral mosque?

5. Süleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul


A breath-taking view indeed!

6. Granada, Spain


Let's be traditional.

7. Chongqing, China


The temple looks like an endless stairway.

8. Hogwarts


The school of magic!

9. Paris


The season of cherry blossoms is indeed a sight to see.

10. Great Sphinx of Giza, Cairo, Egypt


Here we have Queen Nataly for you!

11. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan


Pink City has its own charm.

12. Saint-Petersburg Catherine Palace, Russia


This place is definitely worth paying a visit.

13. The Colosseum, Rome


A trip to Rome, Italy would be incomplete without this.

14. Taj Mahal, Agra


A King once professed his love for his Queen through this monument.

15. Hollywood


The land of many dreams.

16. Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai


Won't you follow them to the infinity pool?

17. Luisa Via Rome


This is the heart of Florence.

18.  The Great Wall of China


We have a long way to go.

19. Taiwan


Live your dreams today.

20. Tanah Lot Temple, Bali, Indonesia


That's the sight to see!

21. Jodhpur, India


It looks so surreal, right?

22. The wedding!


The most-awaited union!

23. Las Vegas


It was the first place they visited after their wedding.

24. Victoria Peak, Hong Kong


You can't help but visit this place!

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