Murals of Alice in Wonderland and a 3D Rabbit Hole

Vera Bugatti is an Italian artist and street painter. She recently came to Ireland to take part in the Wicklow Arts Fest 2014. During the event on the weekend, she worked with painter friend Luigi Legno to create her mesmerizing work of 3D painting depicting some characters from Alice in Wonderland movie climbing out of a hole.


The festival’s theme of “Explore” may best be represented by such piece which was produced by those two artists. In order to complete such work, they took two days and the final size was around 13×13 feet size.


Alice was simply drawn with an Irish flag in her hand to suggest that maybe she can be said as a citizen of Ireland. Only that she looks quite sad in the thought-provoking piece which leaves much room for anyone’s interpretation.


In addition to the young girl, Bugati said “We inserted the scary rabbit that is coming out of the hole with a clock in his hand and a small flying machine in the landscape is waiting for the trip.”