Awesome 3D Body Art Optical Illusion

My name is Lisha Simpson. As an artist of 3D illusion body art, I have always been fascinated with anything weird or usual. I love illusion style body art because it’s so out of the ordinary. I think I’m always drawn to it, by something surely strange and weird.

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I have always love art and the peacefulness that it brings me. Actually, I had never been in love with body art, not until I came to a novice painting course and was presented images of pieces of art on human body, where I got myself very much blown away by the sight.

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I got a job offer, which luckily I had to start experimenting with human body painting. I soon fell for it and, somehow, a perfect kind of illusion of 3D body art came to mind and I then got the hang of it fast.

lisha simpson 03

As my fascination in such illusion grew bigger only then I captured a perfect body picture which I use a photo editor to fade the dark area and mix it with a background I desired. Amazingly, a combination of perfect lighting, solid black paint to create a negative space, black background and the right angle can create just a perfect final illusion that I’ve wanted.

lisha simpson 06

My artwork is really inspired by many mixtures of different things, cultures, music, movies and vibrant colors. But most of all, I’m so motivated by my passion for painting and my love for art. So therefore, 3D illusion body art is all I want in my life.

Source: Bored Panda, Lisha Simpson, Instagram

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