My Drawings Are Postcards Now

Monika Jasnauskaite is my name. I’ve always liked drawing with graphite or colored pencils ever since I was a little girl.

my drawings my postcards09

Even if now I’m taking molecular biology as my studies, I’m still into drawings. It’s what makes me enjoy the nature by capturing animals or people on paper. And as my drawing technique developed, I add bizarre details or surreal things to realistic objects.

my drawings my postcards02

A friend of mine came with an idea to turn my drawings into postcards, and so I did. Soon, I find that it is quite pleasing to share art with other people. And to see how they are happy and surprised with my drawings really is worth the effort. I love it.

Source: Bored Panda, Monika Jasnauskaite, Instagram

my drawings my postcards01

my drawings my postcards04

my drawings my postcards05

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