My Dreams Are on Canvas Now

Hello, everybody. My name is Netanel Moran. Just call me Moran. Maybe you have wanted to record your dreams on a video and show them to your friends. Know what? That’s what I exactly do! Only that I record those dreams in pictures. What I do then is to paint those dreams on canvas using oil paints. 


I have tried to record all my dreams since I was just a kid. As a child I wrote those dreams down on my notebook. Every time I had vivid dreams I quickly put them down on paper so that I won’t forget. Now I can still remember about those dreams that I had.


As I grow older then I began to paint those dream on canvas. I usually paint on a 2 meter width canvases.

Right after my paintings are done, I would photograph some models on a scene. Then I would combine hundreds of photos and I would choose the one promising scene to be painted on canvas. That’s when I copy my dreams on canvas. Just check out more of my creations here.