My Masterpieces; Collaboration with 4-Year Old Daughter

My name is Ruth Oosterman. It has been two years that my daughter, Eve and I began to create collaborative pieces. I decided to share a few of our collaboration on the net.


My idea was to encourage other parents to collaborate with their children. As my collaboration already lasts more than two years, both of us grow as artists and at the same time our bond as mother-daughter becomes stronger.


In the beginning, when we started drawing, Eve was still two years old then. We shared drawing tools so we had to take turns using the same brush pens to finish our piece.  Now, it has been two years that we can paint simultaneously with our thought intertwining during the whole creative course.


There are many times that I had some disagreements with my daughter along the way. There was a time when I had to cover half of what we just did, because I wanted to insist on my idea.


And there was also another time when I had to take down the drawing because it was not what I meant to be like. But often I was proven wrong. To my surprise I found that the choice my daughter made was better than mine. And interestingly, the conflicting ideas we had somehow ended up creating a better piece of work.

Please find our first collaboration here.

Source: Bored Panda, Facebook, Instagram





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