Mystical Landscape Scenes of Smoke Glass Bottles

Jim Dingilian is an artist who has an unbelievable-yet-contemporary way of making art. Unlike other artists who craft their images with paint or graphite, Dingilian introduces us to an unusual new form of creation as he uses smoke for his medium.


First, Dingilian would fill up glass bottles with smoke and then he coats inside surfaces with powder. He’ll then reach in the vessel to delete particular areas with brushes and tiny tools like cotton buts fixed on rods.


In the end, Dingilian’s work is found in objects of subtractive drawing method causing some awe-inspiringly mystical multi layered landscapes in their intricate detail.


But in doing it he had to go through some hard task like having to carefully choose which areas to erase and how much to leave behind. The most important part of his compositions is the layers and Dingilian can add depth impression with the roundness of the bottle to deliver what’s in the image’s front and its back.