Mystical Silence in Sufism Painting by Yudi Yudoyoko

Sufism or Taṣawwuf (Arabic: الْتَّصَوُّف “sect”; personal noun: صُوفِيّ ṣūfiyy/ṣūfī, مُتَصَوّف mutaṣawwuf), which is often defined as “Islamic mysticism”, “the inward dimension of Islam”, or “the phenomenon of mysticism within Islam”, is a mystical trend in Islam “characterized … [by particular] values, ritual practices, doctrines and institutions” which began very early in Islamic history and represented “the main manifestation and the most important and central crystallization of” mystical practice in Islam. (Wikipedia)

One of Indonesian artist make several artwork base from “spirit of silence” in Sufism, or commonly same in east spiritual path way call Zen. Color scheme in 80th and composing object like an artwork in 90th its visually common base character in Yudi Yudoyoko works.