Mystique Color Scheme in Vibrant Illustration

According to Anthroposophical belief, colors have spiritual powers and meanings. Not all Anthroposophical sources agree on the precise power and meaning of each individual color, but there is a broad consensus—stemming, of course, from Rudolf Steiner’s preachment. Here is a summary. Note that some of the colors described are not exactly the hues perceived by our physical eyes; they are the spiritual analogs of such hues, perceptible through clairvoyance in such spiritual expressions as auras.

In general, Steiner taught that colors reflect the spirit realm, which is suffused with (and, in a sense, consists of) color. “Spiritual beings, called gods or devas, now reveal themselves through the colours. The astral world…is a world of beings who speak to us through color.”
The color of our physical surroundings deeply influences the spiritual conditions we experience. Different spiritual beings are present to us in rooms of different colors. “In a red room, other [spiritual] beings become visible than in a blue room.” One of appealing and dashing color scheme is a mystique colors. It’s totally a mysterious quality that makes a person or thing seem interesting or special. French concept artist Juliette Oberndorfer creates vibrant, atmospheric artworks that depict spirit animals in mystical forests.
Although Oberndorfer’s illustrations look hand-painted, most are created digitally. Fluid strokes, lush textures, and flowing shapes are generously layered together in a range of electric, sunset hues. Pink, plum, and lilac skies harmonize with shots of turquoise blue, and contrasting fiery reds illuminate the deep hued forest.

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