N.C Winter “I call myself Force of Pop Culture”

Truly deeply superb detail for art work base from popular culture and comic scene. N.C Winters determined himself to his work and passion. He call himself force of pop culture

“The annual intergalactic congregation of all things comics, pop culture, art, cosplay and crazy is once again upon us, and I’m happy to say I’ll be a part of the whole mess once again!” said N.C base from his site.

N.C Winters_4

N.C Winters_2

N.C Winters_3

N.C Winters_1

Detailed his work remind us to Art Noveau style, visually intaglio printmaking style clearly define his product. Illustrated popular comic figure and spirit of popular scene its usually closer to his stories. Mostly his figure looked shut the mouth, empty dreamy vision, gloomy and cold, it was unusually originally visualization for popular art work.

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