Naive Thread Art Japanese Style from Kintaro Ishikawa

One of outstanding thread artist in Japan is Kintaro Ishikawa. He started to make the thread art in 1994. The main materials of thread are cotton and silk. The method of the thread art is to stick thread on an adhesive board. It takes a month to accomplish a work. He spends 6 hours to create the work per day





It really take times to make thread art work, one by one thread for make an object needs crafting skill and the artist must be think for final visual or start with the end at first and then make every each objects detailed.


Kintaro Ishikawa lived at Tachikawa Tokyo, he graduated from Shafston College, Bribane, Australia.










Kintaro compotition its really Japanese style, He composing colors so calm and sharp, and he composing each objects in flat perspective and it was really like naive painting.



Mostly his art work so silent and ‘cold’, Kintaro make gesture and decorative too, and his architectural object it was mesmerizing, there is a depth and colors visualized in flat space.