Nancy Spero : Art for Feminist and Humanism Issues

Nancy Spero (August 24, 1926 – October 18, 2009) was an American visual artist. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Spero lived for much of her life in New York City.
Nancy Spero’s career has been a statement against the pervasive abuse of power, militarism, and sexual predation.

A feminist artist preoccupied with myth and the repetition of eternal themes within the context of contemporary social and economic history. Executed with a raw intensity on paper and in ephemeral installations, her work often draws its imagery and power from its narrative of anxiety, suffering, pain of existence from recent events such as the torture of women in Nicaragua, the Holocaust, atrocities of the Vietnam War, China’s Cultural revolution and present day Iraq as seen from a feminist critique and sense of democratic social justice. A central theme of vulnerability and the fragile pervades (madame pickwick art blog).
Well, it’s called “Maypole” installation art : Take No Prisoners and from this maypole we’ve hung almost 200 heads. They’re cut out of aluminium sheets, scrubbed down to give them a surface with a power-sander then primed with house wall paint, like priming a canvas but with a much more severe surface, then we paint and print on them. The head images come from these little paper cut-outs I made.

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