Nat Geo's Nature Inspired Hashtag Challenge Will Smite You With It's Simplicity!

Nat Geo's Nature Inspired Hashtag Challenge Will Smite You With It's Simplicity!

The hashtag contest led by National Geographic on Instagram has led to the birth of some of the most mesmerizing and hilarious pictures celebrating the diversity of nature.

Nature is an essential part of our lives, after all, it's the source of our existence. People take a keen interest in capturing the most beautiful aspects of it rendering every viewer speechless. Taking all of this into account, National Geographic selected a bunch of the mesmerizing pictures that have been floating in the world of Instagram. They launched their #natgeo100contest hashtag featuring the best pictures clicked by it's 100 million followers. From over 150k posts we have chosen a few to urge you to look around and breathe it all in.

1. The Red Fox basks in glory!


That's a powerful picture!

2. Fragile things


That softness of the picture is inspiring.

3. Don't be unkind to your friends


You never know what they might do!

4. Honey, I got some takeout!


Now that's life!

5. Eternal happiness


Live in the moment.

6. The army of the dead has walked the earth


Are you ready?

7. The creature of the water


Doesn't he remind you of Aquaman?

8. The face of religion


We all have different beliefs.

9. Watch where you go!


They can smell you.

10. The kind of love we all hope for


These are legit goals.

11. How cute is this?


We want a friend like him too!

12. Colors of bliss


This represents so many things.

13. Is that a side plank?


This squirrel's very athletic!

14. It's the holiday season!


Look how carefree they are.

15. The youth fountain


Only if that was true.

16. The beast of darkness


Preparing for his next kill.

17. Family


It's all about love and sacrifices.

18. The happiness people find in ignorance


We all need a day free of worries.

19. Table manners


This is one learned Sulphur cockatoo!

20. Friends forever?


This is the best image we have come across so far!

21. Lead the way


He's got a follower now!

22. The Royal and mighty


That's a shark-whale surrounded by little sardines.

23. The odd one out!


Short people would relate to this!

24. When the storm hits


The turbulence is scary but beautiful!

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