Natural Luminous Watercolor Paintings

Dina Lepchenkova is a Russian watercolor and vector artist who can use light and tonal color to create exquisitely delicate paintings. From uncovered trees in the snow to cafes immersed in sunlight, her glowing paintings take snapshots of her neighborhood which for sure evoke the fleeting and sublime beauty of nature. Check out some of her magical piece below.

Lepchenkova is more than capable of creating perspective in each piece, not to mention along with its depth to give a 3D impact, through her capacity in using various tones and shades. That’s true because most commonly, she would use a wide range of hues of colors in her technique.

She would also makes good use of the white areas of her canvas, and would leave it exposed to give enough shed of light to each scene in order to look effortless and natural. She would make the pastel tones often offset and accentuated by deep shadows, yet she always typically sticks to a light and airy palette of jewel-like colors. The result is like what you see, a stunning artwork that is simultaneously radiant and strikingly soft.

In her Instagram, Lepchenkova often posts her charming composition, where followers can enjoy her “bright hand drawn world.” That would make it very much different from the other artists’ Instagram portfolios, yet, Lepchenkova’s curated collection would go beyond pictures of completed pieces. Actually, she also posts snapshots of everyday life, travel, preliminary color experiments, a peek into her family, her prominent materials and even video tutorials detailing her process.