Nature-Inspired Sculptures out of Crayons

Herb Williams is a Nashvile, Tennesee-based artist whose most of her sculptures made out of Crayola crayon. That kind of crayon is the same crayon we used to scribble with when we drew as children. Only that Williams’ use of crayons is too extravagant as he will need thousands for every sculpture. And he seems to find no replacement which can work as crayons do. Only crayons can assure him that his sculpture has incredibly vibrant as well as bold colors and textures. Just check out how incredible such textures are.

That’s true that crayons are like powerful and sophisticated tools used to create incredibly vibrant sculptures and magical textures. Take one of his most recent exhibitions, Call of the Wild, where William uses melted and chopped-up crayons to create nature-inspired sculptures such as a tree trunk with technicolor rings, crows perching on a bright tree, romping rabbits in solid hues, a color-blocked deer and two wolves spewing a rainbow arch from their mouths.

Because of the huge amount of crayons he uses for his piece and he keeps doing it for quite a long time. As you know, in order to complete his work, he needs hundreds or even thousands of crayons for every piece. It automatically makes Williams one of the only independent buyers in the world who maintains an account with Crayola.

In his artist statement, he explains that it is their nostalgic quality in evoking memories of childhood which make him keep using crayons for his drawing materials; not only because of their colorful potential but also for their saturated smell.