New Law for Paris’ Urban Gardens 

If you are a nature aficionado you must be lucky to have a city mayor who loves plants like Paris’ mayor Anne Hidalgo who plans on adding 100 hectares of green space to Paris by 2020. As a new law has been passed, Parisians are now encouraged to have urban gardens on their own homes. You can imagine how more beautiful Paris will become when the time comes.

Paris won’t be just the most beautiful place in the globe but the city is going to be more attractive and is moving towards the most eco-friendly city ever. And as for the law, the city residents will be able to be gain renewable three-year permits for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other plants.

And according to the bill, those gardens must be maintained using sustainable methods only. That means pesticides are not allowed.

Each household will be equipped with new gardener “planting kit”. To kick start their projects immediately, the city of Paris will also provide seeds and topsoil. Then, hopefully by 2020, the 100 hectares of green space would be realized to add to the city.

Source: Bored PandaMy Modern MetInhabitat