Spectacular Murals in the New Market Hall in Rotterdam

If you are originally from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, you must be very proud of this new market hall the city has created. They call it “The enormous Markthal in Rotterdam”. What makes this place so interesting is that it features an enormous mural done by two artists named, Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. Their work is titled “Cornucopia” featuring bright colored fruits, vegetables and other goods going up into the sky like the ceiling mural of a cathedral. Just check it out for yourself.

Such mural can make a few heads turning just looking at it and get flabbergasted as they study the nice looking scene.Actually, the market hall is inside a curiously elongated horseshoe of a building. And about the enormous mural, it can measure up to 36,000 square feet, almost covering all its rounded ceiling.In such building, there are also 228 apartments with 1,200 parking spaces, making the entire structure somewhat of a self-contained living space. The building itself is designed by architecture office MVRDV and developer Provast.