Newspaper Portraits

These images below are the natural way how to blend stories with portrait. These are the picture to illustrate. So much of the happenings of World War II reach back home in the form of newspaper articles and letters.

Tamara Schupman as Kate Kellerarthur-millers-all-my-sons-01

This is given especially to letters from the son that was lost in the war, Larry Keller. That seemed to be a natural way to blend the story with the portraits.

Source : Boredpanda, The Modern Theater.

Billy Hultquist as Chris Kellerarthur-millers-all-my-sons-02
Kim Berg as Joe Kellerarthur-millers-all-my-sons-03
Aubrey Shimek Davis as Ann Deeverarthur-millers-all-my-sons-04

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