24-Year-Old Yoga Girl Wins The Internet With Nude Pictures, And They're Nothing Like What You've Imagined!

24-Year-Old Yoga Girl Wins The Internet With Nude Pictures, And They're Nothing Like What You've Imagined!

The anonymous Instagrammer, nude_yogagirl, is winning the internet for obvious reasons. But, hey, she isn't breaking any rule.

An anonymous Instagrammer is using this social platform to inspire everyone to be fit by practicing yoga. What sets this 24-year-old yogi apart from the others is the way she exposed every inch of her body without exposing much. She successfully complies with the strict Instagram policy of no nudity and is loved by her 870k plus followers. With the help of her boyfriend, she captures every pose with an aesthetic touch. Using shadows and photoshop, he covers her intimate parts flawlessly while giving a clear view of her figure. Here are a few photographs that really do the talking!

1. Stress is a part of our lives


How do you channel it?

2. This is how you begin your day


Nothing can be more peaceful than this.

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall


What do you see when you look at yourself?

4. This is one way to cover your face


Her account is not about personal recognition and she makes sure of that.

5. Don't hide yourself


Let the world feel your magic.

6. Step out of your comfort zone


It might surprise you!

7. What does your reflection say?


What do you see?

8. Let the weight off your shoulder


Find a way to breathe easy.

9. It's all about positivity


Name the person has affected your life in a positive manner.

10. Just let it all seep in


Absorb all the energy around you.

11. When time stands still


Have you felt that amazing feeling?

12. The war stance


Be ready for anything that life throws at you.

13. Lift your spirits


Up and at them!

14. Liberation


Don't walk in the shadows of others. 

15. A peaceful cacoon


Can you feel the silence?

16. What kind of life do you wish for?


I bet it's a healthy one.

17. Spread your wings


Remember to use your own!

18. Felt the wind in your hair?


It's a reminder of the constant struggle.

19. Can you see the horizon?


Let's witness it together.

20. Does your emptiness weigh you down?


Don't let it overpower you.

21. Dwell in the light of your shadow


Not the other way around.

22. The winter butterfly


Spread your wings wide.

23. You were created to serve a purpose


Find that and maybe your life would get easier.

24. The magic is in you


You just need to know the tricks.

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