Behold The Sculptures Tailormade To Freak People Out!

Behold The Sculptures Tailormade To Freak People Out!

Polina Verbyts'ka is a budding artist based out of Ukraine. She's well-known in the art community for creating rather life-like sculptures that are a class of their own.

In recent times, the art community has seen a rather drastic increase in the inception of weird and offbeat works. Ranging from life-like werewolf puppies to eerie jewelry which resembles human genitalia, it's particularly safe to say the time of non-mainstream art is now! Along the same lines, today we present to you a newbie artist from Ukraine who's found her calling in creating numerous hyperrealistic sculptures that are so life-like that any person can lose their mind when they first lay eyes on it.

Polina Verbyts'ka is an extremely talented sculptor who takes inspiration from the art period of surrealism and incorporates it into her life-like artworks, her primary drive being able to breathe life into non-living things. Furthermore, she's been at it for the past eight years and has excelled beyond limits and her Instagram account is the official proof of the same: 

1. Right in two 


2. Sublime serendipity 


3. Edge of desire 


4. Morbid metamorphosis 


5. Circle of life 


6. Right at the bottom 


7. Cosmological curiosity 


8. Heart of stone 


9. Schism 


10. 'To be a rock and not to roll' 


11. Glassy ambitions 


12. Flower of creation 


13. Bilingual belongingness 


14. Translucent trepidation


15. Eerie emancipation


16. Subliminal psychogenesis


17. Basic instincts 


18. The show must go on 


19. Lusciously lament


20. Natural splendor 


21. Another one bites the dust 


22. Redundant rouse 


23. Signs of life 


24. Deliciously dangerous 


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