Oil Paintings of Fantasy Ships

Modestas Malinauskas is a Lithuanian artist who has fantasies about ethereal cracking ships can freely sail  in the ocean. In his paintings, each ship tells a particular story, only that every single one of them belongs to the similar magical fantasy world.

Malinauskas seems to have applied a unique multiple layered oil painting technique which is quite difficult for layman to do such paintings on canvas. They are so unique that perhaps they might work best for great art as novel or comic book’s covers. Because his details on each of paintings are unbelievably fantastic, each ship appears to be patched together from a collection of strips of tapes or sheets of metal or they could be scrap materials as they even are busting at the seams.

Malinauskas spent a lot of time to finish one single piece, but it seems that it really is worth to much effort since the end results are incredibly inspiring and magical as well.

Source: Bored Panda, Modestas MalinauskasWebsitepaveikslai.lt