Oil Paintings Of Wild Animals

James Corwin, a wildlife artist, was visiting South Africa for a wildlife protection program. As an artist, he cant just ignore these sceneries which he sees as valuable panoramic view.

Lady Bug Heavenwildlife-artist-01
A grizzly bear licks up lady bugs from his paw. I am always amazed by how such large animals can survive on the tiniest things. Grizzly bears in Glacier National Park dig under rocks and logs among wildflowers searching for tiny treats to satiate a midday snack.

So he started to paint each of them, along with the details and the narrative story for each of the painting. By using oil paints, he brings these wildlife in front of you, and not ignoring the magic if it.

Source : Boredpanda, James Corwin Fine Art.

Enziwildlife-artist-02Enzi means mighty or powerful in Swahili. Here an elephant and egrets emerge from dust. Often where I visit in Africa the dirt and dust is very red and I wanted to capture that against a blue compliment.

Greater Kuduwildlife-artist-03The African kudu is famous among hunters for its unparalleled beauty and unique horn structure. This painting was feature at Dallas Safari Club and Safari Club International. I purposefully furrowed the brow to give the kudu a slightly more intense gaze.

Sockeyewildlife-artist-04An Alaskan brown bear excitedly pulls sockeye salmon out of a river. I love the colorful vibrancy of the painting and the contemporary black background that illuminates the splashing water. The above and below water scene is an idea I would like to explore further!

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