One Eye Celebs Potraits, Provoking in Contrast Color Scheme

Missing eyes. Meet Kamile Lukrecija Lukošiūte, a young artist, who goes by the alias, KLL. These street art, fashion illustration cross-bred hybrid works of art, are sure to make you wonder what’s going on in her head, and maybe even in your own? Vibrant colors, seductive subjects, and a hell of a lot of freedo, shes so young, self-taught artist and breakthrough promising.

“I like affecting people and it is really easy to do so using art. Why the one eye? For the basic explanation: I hate drawing the left side of my portraits. But on a deeper level, in my opinion – there are so many blinded people. They blind to their dreams, they live in routine and forget the purpose of the life. Insensibility doesn’t see. I can’t give it the right eye.”
Why KLL did painting an object just one eye, did she mean that celebrities are blinded?
“Absolutely not. It is the people who inspired the most and I’m using them to reach the world. Even, I never know from where the inspiration comes from, but stories about the people who never gave up, who believed and moved forward no matter what – it’s what motivates me.”
Source: Bored Panda, Paveikslai

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