Ordinary Desserts into Delightful Mini Scenes

Matteo Stucchi is an Italian pastry chef who is based in Monza wanting to prove that you must once in a while play with your food. Stucchi is only 23-year-old but he can already create sugary-sweet treats with a twist and delectable desserts. In this case he also adds tiny toys and comical to transform his homemade baked goods into imaginative and inventive small-scale scenes.

As a fun-loving chef, he clearly has a lot of concern with both the flavors as well as the aesthetics of his creations. Once he said, “In a dessert, decoration is as important as the taste.” It is this Stucchi who seems to have silly scenes that steal the show even if his desserts are undoubtedly delicious.

Take a look at a compact construction crew is using a toy crane to dust tiramisu with chocolate. There is also a pocket-sized priest officiates a wedding ceremony between an amorous pair of chocolate-covered strawberries.

A little river-rafting crew who seems to navigate through oozing chocolate rapids can be so cute. And not to mention, there is a team of tiny maintenance men giving a manicure to a monster.