Origami Bird Lights up Room at a Finger’s Touch

Umut Yamac is an architect as well as a designer who created a series of lamps looking just like pieces of origami art. The lamps light up as you touch the bird sculptures measuring the real-bird size.


Yamac who lives in London designed his origami bird lamps by combining brass, steel and synthetic paper as he first launched his product in 2014. He made his origami bird lamps on a perch, so that with just a bit of wind or a hand’s touch, it will make the bird rock back forth while allowing luminescence even without any messy cords or wires. As in Yamac’s words, “Turn the light down low and watch the birds glow” is not only very poetic but also functional as well. The birds can temporarily light up the room so long as there is a motion.


Instead of an individual bird sculpture, Yamac already improves his birds to have family; he decided to add more birds to be on one perch which remarkably fit bigger spaces such as outdoor garden or restaurants like the ones he designed for Moooi – a chandelier configuration of six birds which rejoice the beauty of poetry about a bird perching on a branch.

Source: My Modern Met, Umut Yamac, Instagram






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