Owl Illustration Created with Splatters of Paint

Chen Yingjie (aka: Hua Tunan) is a Chinese street artist, a painter as well as an illustrator who recently creates those paintings that look pretty much alive with lots of energy. In doing it he would use a splattering technique, to produce such beautiful creatures that radiate with vibrant colors. Like the Night Owl, one of his recent pieces, its dynamic power seems to clearly come straight from the bird’s single golden eye.


Actually when gazing at his piece, viewers seem to be summoned to investigate the intricate details of its body and face, but then as their attentions are raised, viewers will feel to go in much deeper as to get lost in the chaotic shower of colors gushing right out against the boundaries of the paper.


What makes it possible is maybe because in each of Tunan’s work showcases an animated mixture of abstraction and realism.


And another thing to take notes about his advanced artistry skills is his foundation upon which he develops his modern and lively artworks. Tunan has a formal training in classic Chinese painting.