Patrycja Prószyńska (O MATKO Naturo)

She’s doing painting with paint on wood slices, her skill it’s promising to be a master of painter and she was really persistence in her works. “The main theme of my works is the surrounding world with magical accents” said her.
Patrycja Prószyńska not describe her reason why she’s doing this artwork on slices of wood, but if we observe about her common idea for her object in painting, we will got a irony and dark feeling about nature, endangered species and animal.

Slices of wood is symbol of industry and human technology, and the objects it’s talks about nature and live environment.
Craft and painting is her main artworks and concern today, but if she want to be great artist, she got to digging her idea and execution in big scale or high end detailing.
Source: Bored Panda

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