Patterns and Movements of Nature and Animals

Gill Bustamante is a Sussex based artist who paints large original landscape paintings and seascape paintings in oil on canvas. She said “I take part in exhibitions and events occasionally but find it easier to simply invite people to visit me and see my artworks at my home studio by appointment if they are interested.

I sometimes ‘loan’ paintings to people before they buy so that they can test run the painting in the place they want to have it”. “My art is painted mostly from memory after having visited somewhere beautiful and are an attempt to capture some of the essence of that place”.
Gill gained a fine art degree from Brighton in 1983 and began her painting career as a portraitist and muralist. However, sometime in the late 90’s, She totally awake and realised she was crushingly bored and needed to develop her own painting style and began to paint landscapes and seascapes for her own amusement.

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