Peacock Tattoo Will Sparkle Your Skin

Would you like to see your skin shimmer with something cool? Do you remember as kids you had quirky but cute childhood pastime as to stick sparkling temporary tattoos. Now, temporary tattoo craze is no longer just for kids. Recently, stylish stores and experimental artists dabble in the ephemeral craft in order to produce elegant sticky labels fit for grown-ups.

Interested? Just go visit Tattly, a Brooklyn-based fashionable shop that puts on the market some cool and chic temporary tattoos. And the most interesting thing about the old fanciful childhood pastime is that just recently, such a shop has collaborated with Rifle Paper Co., a fashionable Florida-based stationery store, to create a dazzling and eye-catching gold peacock tattoo.

Initially, in 2009 Rifle Paper Co. launched the creative piece which are the married design of duo Nathan and Anna Bond. Such production reflect Anna’s lifelong passion for visual art.

During an interview with Everygirl Anna told, “I’d loved graphic design and illustration on their own, but I immediately saw that stationery was the best combination of the two. I was already working on my own—it just made sense to try to develop a line and start a company.”